Advertising is totally what company presents about the product. And publicity is what people say about the product.

Advertising is used for the commercial purposes. Publicity is just pass the information and reviews of the product.

High investment needed for the advertisement. No or very less amount is needed for the publicity.

Advertising is done by company itself while publicity is done by the third party.

Advertising is controlled by the company who publish it. Publicity is not controlled by the manufacturing company.

Publicity is not customer focused. Advertising is completely customer focused.

 Main objective of the advertising is to increase the sale of the product. While there is no intension to increase sell of the product in Publicity.

Advertising is very creative. Publicity is no such creative.

Advertising s done to attract customers for the long time. No such things are considered in Publicity.

Advertising is always positive. Publicity may be positive or negative.

Advertising is done by the social media platforms and website